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Project Management for Agile Teams with GitScrum – eBook

GitScrum Agile eBook Do you believe it’s possible to take off to the highest standards with your agile team? And that the product owner and scrum master cycles can be even more efficient? We are positive about it! Learn the GitScrum way to manage projects and take Agile to the letter! We prepared this special […]

What are the leadership roles of a Scrum Master and an Agile Coach?

We’ve already seen definitions of Scrum and Agile. But now we are about to fly over some experts who are truly into Scrum and Agile methods, such as Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Both of them are evolutions of the practices of these methodologies and sometimes they might work separately or together. Some terms related […]

What is an efficient Scrum Master Cycle?

We already talked about Scrum itself and its importance for a whole agile process in a team’s productivity. Scrum at Scale has two cycles: ”The What”, which is the Product Owner cycle, and “The How”, which is the Scrum Master cycle. By that, we will go further into the Scrum Master cycle and what is […]