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Project Management for Travel Agencies with GitScrum eBook

Did you already discover the best way to manage all your travelers’ accounts and trip packages? We are here to introduce you to GitScrum, the smartest project management tool, and its features for you to manage your team and weekly travel agency demands. This GitScrum eBook is our little gift to you: “ALL AGENTS ON […]

Design Project Management with GitScrum eBook

Design Project Management with GitScrum eBook Are you longing to lead your design team to maximum performance? Let us introduce you to the right tool and techniques to obtain the most from your creative talents. Meet GitScrum, the smart project management tool that will help you manage all kinds of projects and support you to […]

How to write clear Task descriptions to guide your team

Daily Communication Challenges at Tasks Do you face a lot of struggles with your team, when delegating and writing tasks on your project management tool? Managers have limited time to invest in writing descriptions, that’s true. And teams are learning they need to become more and more autonomous. Even so, do you still feel it […]

7 Ways to Improve Teamwork with Scrum

Working with a team group is a skill that is increasingly required in different areas of the job market. You may consider improving teamwork to involve the idea of ​​learning to share values ​​and experiences, collaboratively expanding everyone’s knowledge. There are some tips to facilitate group work, such as being open to new ideas, respecting […]

Chapter 5 – Find out GitScrum Main Features

GitScrum has all the necessary features you need to create fantastic projects and amaze your clients. Work face-to-face with your team, together or remotely, to plan, execute and monitor your projects and daily tasks and schedules. Track team members’ progress with visual graphic features and provide feedback to clients. Optimize data processing to obtain customer […]

Gamification – How to Create a Rockstar Team

Gamification Are collaborators in your company working like teams, or groups? What if you could form true Rock Star Teams? If the motivation thermometer is barely warm up there, this GitScrum e-Book is your turnkey! See how Gamification is helping businesses of all areas heat motivation worldwide, driving healthy competitiveness and happier employees. Engage presential […]