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Optimizing Task Management with GitScrum’s Time Tracking System

Keep Track of Tasks and Filter Data for a Comprehensive Overview of Time Spent on All Projects GitScrum is a highly advanced and efficient project management platform that offers a wide range of features and functionalities to help businesses streamline their processes and increase productivity. One of the most notable features of GitScrum is its […]

Using the Pomodoro technique with GitScrum Time Tracking

With so many features in our roster, you can mix up some techniques to find better productivity and knowledge.  And using the Pomodoro technique is one of them. How about using it with GitScrum’s Time Tracking, which is a tool that you monitor your time to start and finish a task? They perfectly combine, because […]

Hold Your Work Accountable with Time Tracking

Can you tell us exactly how many hours you worked this week? How many average hours and minutes, exactly, would you take to execute the most recurring task in your office? Is the price you are charging for this task fair enough to reward your work? Maybe you can guess the answers to these questions. […]

Chapter 9 – GitScrum Time Tracking, the way to hold your tasks accountable

GitScrum Time Tracking is a handy tool for managers to generate complete reports on efforts employed in projects, regarding worked time. This feature enables you to reward your team members and partners fairly, according to how much they worked, and charge your clients properly for billable hours, facilitating the demonstration of your work records to […]

Kanban to Plan your professional and personal life as a project

Have you ever thought of your life as a huge project? If so, congratulations, you are part of a very select group of people with a strategic vision of life. If not yet, it’s probably time to consider wondering if you are satisfied with the achievements so far, or join this special elite. Kanban boards […]