Tech Recruiter: Hire and Work Everywhere with GitScrum Features

The market is in constant transformation and with it, some professions have emerged. The tech recruiter is an example of this. People specialized in recruiting and selecting technology professionals have become essential for companies.

Many companies today have the need to create or increase their development team. They end up having some difficulties when using the conventional hiring process.

The technology area is heated and in constant focus, and companies are increasingly feeling the need for specialists to solve problems related to this area. The traditional recruitment and selection process ended up failing to meet market needs with the same efficiency as before.

And this is where the role of Tech Recruiter comes into focus. This professional emerged and is increasingly present in the job market and in companies that are undergoing digital transformation, due to the great demand for quality hiring in the technology area.

To work in this scenario, it urges to tech recruiter to be a well-rounded and organized professional. If he/she is already in the digital world, there is no other tool than GitScrum features that will absolutely give the best user experience to schedule and plan the recruitment processes in companies.

Also, these features are ideal for you to monitor every step of the recruitment and you can check them anytime during the work. You will understand in this article what means to be a tech recruiter and how GitScrum features help you recruit employees efficiently.

What does a tech recruiter do?

A Tech Recruiter is someone who recruits people in the technology and development industry based on technical skills. It is preferable that this professional understands both the human resources area and the IT area. But prior experience in the technology area is not a requirement, the willingness to keep up-to-date and open to new content is.

He/she needs to have a piece of knowledge about programming languages, tools, libraries. The best practices are very important for the recruiter to be able to do a good screening and really choose the best-qualified candidate to work in the company. Also,  to streamline the selection process and filter out people who will not have a fit with the opportunity.

It is also the role of this professional to think of strategies to improve the selection process according to the specific need of the proposed vacancy. For example, preparing a practical test to assess important technical knowledge for the position.

In addition to the technical assessment, this recruiter continues to assess issues related to culture, as is done in a conventional selection process. GitScrum features help you organize all your tasks and select the best workers in the market. They will give you the best onboard experience to schedule your meetings and recruitment of new employees.

GitScrum is the right platform for tech recruiters who need a real organization and make your clients or companies very satisfied with their new hires.

What are the advantages of being a tech recruiter?

Many companies had to migrate to teleworking, and for that, technology was fundamental. However, not all organizations got ready for this change and this made companies evaluate the processes and technologies used on a daily basis.

Thus, the selection process carried out by a technical recruiter is essential for companies and has several advantages, such as:

Most suitable talent selection

This specialist must have knowledge of both areas: human resources and technology, as this is the only way to understand the needs of the vacancies and the ideal profile for each one of them. With GitScrum’s Wiki, the tech recruiter has the better collaboration of ideas of the recruitment that can turn into common practice. You can select new talents with this shareable feature and put your ideas on it.

Productivity of employees on the rise

By being able to make more effective choices in hiring, this specialist also contributes to increasing employee productivity. This is because he will know how to build more aligned teams to work together with the company’s demands and interests. How about using GitScrum Sprints, the best tool for increasing productivity weekly? This is a gamified feature that you can progress from your team and new talents. The more productive they are, the more rewardable tech recruiter you can be.

Agility in hiring professionals

He is also able to streamline the selection processes and easily identify which candidates have and do not have the necessary profile. This provides agility for HR and resources savings for the organization, as mentioned above. Having GitScrum Boards will help you organize all tasks you have in a day or week and select the best talents for your company. Keep everyone focused on continually improving quality, productivity, and better recruitment organized.

4 Tips for Becoming a Tech Recruiter using GitScrum features

Here are 5 tips to become a tech recruiter and understand how to hire qualified professionals quickly and effectively.

1. Learn from other tech recruiters

Networking is the key to success if you want to hire the ideal talent. So, get in touch with people experienced in the field and make a connection with them.

So, look to learn from their experiences and try to understand how they approach the IT candidate.

To find out if you’re on the right track, ask questions about how they transitioned into technology. See what practices they recommend for you to become a good technical recruiter.

Use GitScrum’s Discussions and you will definitely have good shared knowledge experience among tech recruiters. This feature is a private place to talk about essential issues of the tech recruiters’ roles, to improve your focus on work. It will give you a good sense of the next steps to select the best talents afterward.

2. Understand the necessary technical skills

Start the process by understanding the technical skills required for the role. To do this, try to gain more knowledge about the tools and technologies needed to perform the tasks.

In this regard, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the technology you are contracting for. Structures and languages ​​change daily, so you need to keep up with the technology landscape to avoid mistakes during the process.

GitScrum’s Spreadsheet will lead to the way you’ll have the knowledge to ask candidates relevant questions. You will get info from this feature that you would take lots of time to collect from the new talents.  Also, it is important to be aware of the latest technology skills on the market.

3. Learn the technical terms

Undoubtedly, understanding all the technical terms related to the technology field can be a challenge for recruiters. However, if you want to hire qualified professionals, you need to know the basics.

Even to create a correct job description, you need to understand the technical terms related to technology careers.

Don’t be too technical though, as developers want to communicate with a person, not a machine. Therefore, it is important to keep your communications with the candidate humane. Using our Mind Mapping will assure you great space for knowing technical words and how to advance with ideas in your team. This feature allows you to see all the topics, ideas, and steps of the recruitment steps and know technical terms.

4. Understand the candidates and the technology

Technology professionals are constantly approached for different positions and functions. Therefore, if you provide candidates with more information about the position and the company, you can pique their interest.

For example, you can explain about working hours, location, contract, salary, etc.

Also, when approaching candidates in technical roles, research and send targeted and personalized messages, investigating more about potential candidates.

That way,  if you use GitScrum’s User Stories, you will be able to better understand the candidates, as well as stand out from other recruiter emails and messages. This is a roadmap to get to understand the candidates for the job and make you choose the right workers.

Tech recruiters have technology as an ally

Technology changes everything, all the time, and it has not spared the way of prospecting and selecting candidates in IT. On the other hand, the increasingly consolidated use of intelligent tools brings the customer’s demands and criteria for vacancies.

Automating the recruiting process saves a lot of selection steps by providing insightful résumé evaluations and applying scheduling tests.