Chapter 1 – What you need to know before starting your GitScrum

Welcome to GitScrum!

GitScrum is the smart management tool that helps teams and professionals to create, plan, organize and release amazing projects.

Besides, it supports them to collaborate together to become more productive and deliver value.

Our tool has all it takes to help you stand out with any kind of project. No matter if you’re a solo entrepreneur or if you manage a big company, GitScrum will help you reach your goals.

GitScrum is visual and simple to use. At the same time, it offers all important features to support large-scale projects.

What are GitScrum main benefits?

GitScrum is a smart project management tool that helps organizations and teams achieve their goals. It aids them to increase productivity, with gamification and customizable features.

Moreover, it brings you all features to establish high standard objectives and lead your team to reach them. It facilitates tasks delegation and monitoring, with visual resources that help you guide projects execution from start to finish.

In conclusion, it was developed and designed for you to apply the Scrum and Agile principles, such as value prioritization, adaptation to changes, collaboration, and transparency.

Benefits of working with GitScrum

– Productivity raise;
– Organization of your work;
– Responsiveness increase;
– Better client service (working closer to clients, collaborating);
– Learning on strategic thinking, goals fixing;
– Making your work and efforts accountable (helping budgets);
– Motivation to complete weekly tasks.

GitScrum product benefits

– Limitless projects and tasks;
– Unlimited storage space for your files;
– Free SSL Certificate (to keep your data safe and encrypted)
– Unlimited feature updates;
– Premium support and features;
– GitScrum White Label ;
– 21 language options;
– Connect with Zapier or Pabbly Connect for many Integrations (including Google Docs, MS Office, Slack).

What kind of things can I do with GitScrum?

GitScrum offers you limitless possibilities to create and manage projects. Its most common use is to manage weekly tasks and workflow, adding tasks.

Meet some of the GitScrum main elements and features


Use them to sort and organize your projects and your clients’.


It’s the Gitscrum collaborative board to manage each one of your projects, based on the Kanban boards model;


They are sets of goals that you should associate with weekly or monthly tasks, to engage your team;

Gantt Charts:

A Gantt chart is a graphical representation of the waterfall model with the agile methodology, for monitoring tasks in “agenda view”.

White Label:

All GitScrum plans offer this feature, for you to customize GitScrum with your brand, your own logo (replacing GitScrum’s), and your own domain and subdomains.

GitScrum has many other features for task estimates, performance, gamification, and collaboration.

A few examples of things that companies do and create with GitScrum

– Workflow management;
– Product development roadmaps;
– Event administration boards;
– Digital launches and marketing campaigns (associating with GitScrum Sprints);
 – Client order control;
– Medical/nutritional patient assisting programs;
– Gamification programs;
– Business models;
– Strategic planning;
– Service portfolios;
– Academic projects;
And much more.

Professionals usually adapt projects according to the demands of their profession and their routine.

Customize your project and use only the features you need

To enable the features you want to use on a project;

  1. Go to Project Settings » Details.
  2. Select the features you want to use by checking (✓) them.
  3. Click the “Update Project” to save.

What differentiates GitScrum from other tools?

– Powerful and smart, has all features you need;
– Easy to learn, friendly to use;
– Perfect for the Agile and Scrum methodologies;
– Cost-effective tool;
– GitScrum Rock Star Team, the ultimate gamification feature to turn your team members into superstars;
– GitScrum White Label, your opportunity to have a project management tool with your own brand and amaze your clients!